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S afeguard


C redit


A ssets

M anage and maintain your finances


~ lfm – last few months

~ BFF – Best Friend Forever

~ gr8ful – grateful

~ ↑tick – Up-tick

~ DF – Don’t Fret

~ b2l – brings to light

~ t&m – time and money

~ y2y – year to year

~ HR – Human Resources

~ txt – text message


If you are like any of the 100k+ of residents in Yuma, you have spent much of your time on a computer in the lfm, it probably seems like the screen has become your BFF. I am truly gr8ful that we live in such a technologically advanced world. It has made this pandemic that much more bearable, but with the good we also have the bad.


I have definitely seen an ↑tick in phishing emails in both my private and business email and I have even heard of companies who’s whole networks have been compromised because 1 employee clicked a link they had in 1 of those emails. The good news is that if we take a little bit of time to educate ourselves on the current SCAMS (orginal meaning J) and ways to protect ourselves, we will not be another # in the growing statistical nightmare.


In the mid to late 90s we started seeing messages from a Nigirian Prince who wanted to share his wealth with us, all we had to do was send him $$$, and “poof” he would share his wealth with us. Do you remember that ??? Well this is just 1 example of a simple scam that hundereds fall for every year, Yes, it is still going on. The last reported statistic for that particular scam grossed over  $700,000 in 2019. But DF…there are some simple things you can do to protect yourself.


In the video I have shared; 5 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Phishing Scams, a Webroot Cybersecurity Expert b2l 5 ways we can safeguard ourselves from phishing.

  • Phishing scams have evovled. It used to be easy to pick out a phishing email. There would be missed spelled words and/or bad grammar, no graphics or poorly imported graphics. But that is not the case today. Phishing has become soficticated and many phising emails do look legit.  The best way to handle this is to NOT click any links in the email and contact the organzation directly. This could save you t&m in the long run!

  • Phishing fashion tends to  change from y2y. Bye, bye Nigirian prince, Hello Mr./Mrs. Bossman/lady. Yes, believe it or not people are sending messages that appear to be from a trusted person asking for personal information. Or perhaps it came from your company’s HR representative.  Again the best way to safeguard your self is to contact that individual directly. Ask if they are requesting that information. DO NOT click links.

  • Look at where the email came from. If it is from a comon free webhost like @gmail, @hotmail, etc. It probably is a scam.

  • Hover over the links in the email, DO NOT Click!! Your email will show an informational bar with the URL. If you do not knowy…NO clicky!  Again, if you are not sure, most legitimate companies will have contact information accessable.  Making a phone call could save you heartache in the long run

  • And let’s not forget that scammers don’t stick to just emails, there are many who prefer making a phone call or send txt. I have heard some horrifying stories of friends and family who lost everything believing that they were helping a loved one, who wasn’t in danger to begin with. The best advice in these situations is to keep your cool. Try to keep the caller on the phone for as long as you can, get as much information from them as you and reach out to your loved one. I have heard of individuals putting the scammer on speaker phone while they sent a txt to the supposed loved one in trouble, only to get a response that they were fine.


It is my sincerest hope that you stay safe during these troubling times and that with a little knowledge you are able keep yourself out of the rising statistics of those who have been SCAMMED.


God Bless You!




~ H2S – Have to say

~ VGR – Very Good Representation

~ FB – Facebook

~ PC – Political Climate

~ TC – The case

~ TAB – Thoughts, Actions & Behavior


With the 1st of 3 Presidential debates under our belts, I H2S the events yesterday truly encouraged my message for this week. As we listened to and observed our nation’s leaders behave in a manor I do not feel is a VGR of our country or governmental systems, I was drawn to a post  my cousin shared recently on FB. I thought it would probably be apropos to share, given our current PC. The tangability of the messsage  in it’s abstractness is perfect example of the human endveaor.


They brought balloons to a school.

One was given to every student, who had to inflate it,

write their name on it and throw it in the hallway.

The professors then mixed all the balloons.

The students were given 5 minutes to find their own balloon.

Despite a hectic search, no one found their balloon.

At that point the professors told the students to take the first balloon

that they found and hand it to the person whose name was written on it.

Within 5 minutes everyone had their own balloon.

The professors said to the students:

′′These balloons are like happiness. We will never find it if

everyone is looking for their own. But..

if we care about other people's happiness... we'll find ours too!

-Murre Gonday


Happiness to some may seem like an elusive realm that only the fortunate are invited to, but that is not TC. In the video I shared, “How to be happy (even if you’ve forgotten what it feels like) – posted by Memorize Academy – there are some very simple concepts, that we can control, which could impact our happiness.  Did you know studies have shown that 40% of happiness is linked to TAB?  50% of happines is tied to genetics or that only 10% of happiness is from circumstances? (i.e. home, car, career, etc.) WOW…I can influence and change my thoughts, actions and behavior and it will DIRECTLY impact my happiness. But…how?


There are some very simple things we can do to change the state of our happiness:

  • We can Nurture our relationships

  • Create and participate in New Experiences

  • Help Others

  • Be GRATEFUL for what we have


It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, or what is in your bank account; you can create the happiness you are searching 4. And when you do, you will more than likely increase someone else’s happiness as well. Start today! Take a few minutes to watch the video I shared. Apply the techniques and track your progress. I think you will be amazed by the results. Oh and there is an app 4 that!! Try Happify!


God Bless you!




~ att – All this time

~ sp – Safe place

~ TIY – Today in Yuma

~ Tbs – That being said

~ edl – Everyday life

~ b4 – Before


With att spent at home, I have done quite a bit of Spring,  Summer and even Fall cleaning and I recently came across a legacy scrapbook I was working on with my grandmother before she passed. I had long forgotten about it. (but kept it stored in a sp! Promise) I do not think it is coincidental that Mrs.  Yvonne Peach was on the TIY show the same day I came across this album…(the subconscious is a powerful tool). 


Tbs…I started to recall those special moments with my grandmother and the way she loved spending time with us and sharing her stories. She had a very diverse life and got to see some of the most amazing events in history and I knew, even then; (what seems like a lifetime ago), that it would be important to preserve. And then there was a comment that Yvonne made on Monday, that really brought it full circle for me…she said…”I wish I would have written down what those men said, or even better recorded it.”


We are currently living what will one day be history. What are we doing to preserve it? Are we leaving something behind for general use or for our future families? In today’s quote we are drawn to the image of what we INHERIT from our ancestors and the impact that plays on our edl, but that will be us b4 you know it. I know I want to leave those memories preserved for my son’s, their wife and future wives and eventually for my grandbabies, but HOW?


I found a very useful website that helps to answer that question;  Find my past: 7 ways to preserve your family legacy for future generations. Here are the seven ways, but please visit  this site for a more detailed account.

1. Build your family tree…you can get very creative with this concept. I did a family tree in my youngest son’s baby album that had pictures of everyone cut out in the shape of apples. Have fun with it.

2. Take a DNA test - I’ll admit that I have not done this one yet but I think it could prove to be very beneficial. Are there any family genes that could affect my health as I age?? Could I learn more about my where my ancestors came from if I take a test? I won’t know until I do.


3. Chronicle your family history - It is easier than ever to get information about your families past by searching online, but remember that you can and should begin this process with events you are participating in today! You kept the map from Disneyland for a reason, or perhaps it was the pamphlet from the Air Museum. Whatever it is you have saved, start your chronicle today!


4. Bury a Time Capsule – When my boys were very little I did something similar to this for them. (I didn’t bury it) I had intended for them to open the capsule when they were 21. There were 1 or 2 little buggers who got to the capsule before their 21st, but that didn't diminish how special the newspaper articles and other memorabilia were to them!


5. Record audio or video for them - The video I shared will hit you in the feels, but is a good example of just how simple it can be to preserve your family legacy. Those special, meaningful words, spoken in your own voice will have significant meaning for you loved ones. And… you don’t need any fancy devices to record; your phone will work very well for this!

6. Create a timeline – Have you been in a museum or public venue where there was a timeline with photos? I have always enjoyed looking at history from this point of view. Wouldn’t be cool to do the same for your family?


7. Write a Will – For many people this concept is a difficult one to contemplate, but it too can be an amazing resource for your legacy. When your loved ones know what you want, it is so much easier for them to ensure it happens and it has the potential to alleviate discord amongst the family.


You can do any or all of these suggestions to begin your legacy…whatever is, just start! How about TODAY???


God Bless you!



 G o

 E xplore

 O utdoors

 C apture

 A nd

 C ollect

 H appy

 E xperiences


~ R&R – Rocking and Rolling

~ ⛔ &⌛ - Stop and Refuel

~ fUrC – Fill your cup

~ fMC – Fill my cup

~ GPS – Global Positioning Sytem

~ VSA – Video Streaming Apps



Wow! What a day, a week, a year. If you are like me things are R&R at every possible turn and a break seems like it is nowhere in sight. But it is essential to recognize how important it is to ⛔ &⌛! Do U do that well? Do U take time to fUrC?


A few years ago I had the privilege of working at Camp Geronimo, a Boy Scout Summer Camp north of Payson, AZ. I was the director of Outdoor Skills for 2 summers and boy were they memorable. It is here I was introduced to  Geocaching. What is Geocaching you ask?


It is a type of technology driven treasure hunting. A cacher will use GPS to locate “hidden treasure” from a designated area. The cache can be as simple as a storage container with a log and a prize, to an elaborate item designed to blend into the surroundings to make it that much more difficult to locate. At camp we had a set course that used latitude and longitude coordinates and a GPS unit to locate a cache, but today most of us have a tool in our hands that will work! (U guessed it, our mobile devices) There is even an app 4 that!!


I am sure there are a few of you out there that are thinking…”this is cool, but Yuma won’t have anything.” … and you would be wrong! Yuma actually has over 2500 caches within Yuma County. Not 2 shabby Yuma!  


There are some basic rules to follow:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings

  • Plan accordingly for the terrain

  • Write in the Log, typically name, date and time

  • If you take something from the cache, please leave something of equal or greater value.


That is it! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?!?! So when you are looking for something to do and tired of VSA…get up and get caching. And if you are like me… geocaching is a way to fMC.


God Bless you!



~ BCG – Bad Case of the Grumpies

~ HN – Human Nature

~ WDS – While doing so

~ OSIS – Or Should I SAY

~ PTBS – Preface this by saying

~ FV2 – Fallen victim to

~ SS – Slippery Slope


Did 2020 sneak up on you? R you finding the transition from 2019 to 2020 a bit challenging? Are you or some-1 you know struggling from a BCG?  Then today’s message is just 4 U!


How many times have you encountered an individual and left the meeting wondering what you did wrong? What could you have possibly said to make that individual angry or agitated? What other negative thoughts have crossed your mind in during those moments? Have you ever thought; perhaps NOTHING?

It is HN to question everything and WDS interject our own perspective or thoughts about the situation, but that may not necessarily be the right choice. I discovered this very thing while “talking” to OSIS consoling my husband the other day. 

Let me PTBS that my husband is an amazing man! (He cooks dinner every night for the family since I started working later than he does! Just 1 of his many qualities) I know, AMAZING! But even amazing individuals have bad days. Add year end responsibilities and the never ending shift of inventory and he was beyond grumpy! 

In the past I have FV2 that SS of belief that I had caused this disgruntle-ness in my esposo, but age and understanding helped me direct my thoughts in a more appropriate direction and when asked, my husband confessed the challenging day he had just survived and the lingering remnants of that day. I did not cause the challenge, but was willing to take the time to listen to him decompress and share the challenges he was facing and to be that spring board he needed to just vent. I chose not to take his gruff attitude to heart as a rebuff, it wasn’t me he was mad at. And when he was all “Talked” out… I gave him his space and let him know that I was here for him, whatever he needed.

Not that long ago the outcome to this encounter would have looked very different. But I believe that Grace is the balm that helped us to put things into perspective and allowed us to understand that these grumpy moments are fleeting and short lived. That the bond we have with one another is so much stronger and is deserving of that Grace.

So the next time your significant other brings the Grumpy home, try a new perspective and allow Grace to work in you!

God Bless You!

W ur MO


~ W ur MO – What Your Made Of

~ be-4 – before

~ h2s – have to say

~ A2O – All too often


I haven’t thought of boiling water in this way be-4, but I h2s the visual is quite striking. “The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It’s about what you’re made of, not the circumstances “.  What’s the most amazing element in this very poignant phrase you ask? You can CHANGE the “what you are made of”!!! It’s all about perspective!


Many of you have heard me talk about the times I have set my personal achievement expectations so high and lofty that the goal was unrealistic and inevitably I would fail…I’m not alone out there…many have shared the same outcome for the same unrealistic goals. Why am I on the thread of goals? Because A2O, those same set of circumstances lead us down the path of having to set goals to accomplish tackling the situation.


From relationship challenges to financial instability, negative circumstances will always arise; it is how we handle them that determine a positive or negative outcome. Will we allow the boiling water to harden or soften our resolve? Will we get stuck in a focused vision of only seeing the hardships of the situation or will we broaden our vision to include the hidden blessings that typically accompany the challenge?


It truly is all about perspective! Or what you’re made of! Do you have a difficult time changing your perspective or perhaps sticking 2 and completing a simple goal you have set for yourself? There is a solution for that! 1st remember you are NOT alone; many people have the same challenge. 2nd use the resources available to you. Your spouse, best friend, a peer, sibling, parent, co-worker, or mentor is an invaluable resource. They can guide and help keep you on track. Many times their perspectives are very different from your own and shed light where you yourself cannot.

And believe it or not, they typically WANT to help! Let them.

As U continue to work on changing all the things on your list for 2020, remember what u are made of! And remember u are NOT alone! Watch out 2020…here we come!


God Bless you!

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