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WTF? – Where’s the Food?

1oTw – one of those weeks

hitd – hours in the day

hh – house hold

bOb – boy oh boy

W2G – way to go

B4 - before

MP – meal planning

↓ms – under my skin

SMH – shake my head

4u2 – for you too

Byu – Bob’s your uncle


Oh my, it has already been 1oTw …. wait… it’s only Wednesday….I am positive you can relate. There are just not enough hitd. Add the fact that our hh is changing roles again… bOb, the chaos ensues! Lol

I really cannot complain, my amazing husband has been the BIG Kahuna (main chef) in our family for over 3 years now and has done a bang up job! W2G honey! However, he recently accepted a new position and more responsibility at work and his hours are much longer and he isn’t making it home b4 me anymore. (bummer) So back to the meal planning I trudge!

If I am honest, I really do enjoy cooking. I try to plan meals that are quick and easy during the week and explore a bit more on the weekends when we have time to experiment. And as you probable have guessed, I don’t always follow the recipe and usually give the meal my own flare; I think that makes it fun. But one thing I try to be very diligent about is MP and budgeting.  

That being said; I thought I would share a few tips and times savers that I have created to help in the MP process. Nothing gets ↓ms so much as buying ingredients that I already have on hand or that I visibly see, only to find out that it has expired as I am preparing the meal. SMH…so not fun! So several years ago I created a menu and shopping list that help me avoid that dastardly situation. (shared here, just click the links above, and “Yes” they are fillable PDFs and can be saved, edited and used on your phone, I got your back!)

When I MP. I try to find different recipes that are not only quick but nutritious. If you are not sure where to start, try using Pinterest. I have found so many great recipes there; it really has reduced the stress of planning. Once I have the recipes I want to use for the week, I begin the process of choosing what day of the week we will prepare the meal, add it to the menu and add the ingredients to the shopping list.

My goal is to have 52 weeks of different recipes, menus and shopping lists prepared. This will reduce the time planning in the future, but also opens the door to tweak the meals we didn’t really enjoy and highlight those we loved. So starting out might feel a bit daunting, but I know it will get better as I go along (and it will 4u2!) As I fill out the shopping list I include every ingredient the recipe calls 4 and those I may want to add, even if I have the ingredient on hand. When I used this menu again, I may not have that ingredient and a grocery run in the middle of preparing a meal is NOT one of my favorite things to do.

 Once I have completed the shopping list, I check my fridge, freezer and pantry for the ingredients I have on hand and the expiration dates. If it is close I may consider replacing that item for a fresh one, it just depends on what it is and how much I have left. I also add the odd stuff that life calls 4; you know, adult beverages, cookies, ice cream…etc. I save the file, typically the week of the year I plan to use it and …Byu! I am ready for the grocery store.

Because I have MP for that week, I spend less time in the grocery store. I can see if there are any coupons or sales on the items I need and I have found that I do not impulse buy the way I once did.  I hope that on your next shopping trip, you are able to use these tools to help make the experience a bit easier and faster for you!



ur – you are

SO’s – Shout outs

t4g – take for granted


As many of you know, I am not originally from Yuma. (yup…I’m a transplant.)  I spent most of my life in the Big City of Indianapolis and just like today, radio played an integral role in my life.  (I know ur wondering… yes, I was 1 of those who recorded SO’s on the radio weekly!)


1 of my favorite radio stations was Q95, which hosted the Bob and Tom show weekdays. When I was a young adult I remember a co-host, Kristi Lee, talking about a fasting regime she was doing one Lent and it stuck with me for years.  I think I admired her perseverance and willingness to deny herself the comforts of life that we t4g.


When we talk about fasting today, I believe it has a different meaning than it once had. It tends to be a trendy way to go about weight loss, but the history of fasting is more about self-denial; not something most are apt to embrace. Then I came across Pope Francis’ approach to fasting and I was blown away. It was such a novel approach to this act we partake in every Lent that felt I needed to share it with you today. Now, you do not have to be religious for this to applicable to you, you just need to want a change in your daily life.


Pope Francis challenges us to approach fasting in a very different way. He said:


Fast from hurting words and say KIND words.

Fast from sadness and be filled with GRATITUDE.

Fast from anger and be filled with PATIENCE.

Fast from pessimism and be filled with HOPE.

Fast from worries and TRUST in God.

Fast from complaints and contemplate SIMPLICITY.

Fast from pressures and be PRAYERFUL.

Fast from bitterness and fill your heart with JOY.

Fast from selfishness and be COMPASSINATE to others.

Fast from grudges and be RECONCILED.

Fast from words and be SILENT so you can LISTEN.


When we think about the potential for transformation during Lent, the words of Pope Francis give us the tools to do just that! When we choose to say KIND words, have PATIENCE with others, RECONCILE our differences, we impact the world in a way that can and does move mountains.




#MPAG – Most People Are Good

CL – Crazy Life

@tm – at that moment

utw – up the wall

g↑2f – grow up too fast


Have U ever been stopped somewhere, waiting your turn for whatever is next in your CL and you hear a song that strikes right at the core of who you are @tm?? That is what happened to me yesterday as I was waiting at the bank to make a deposit for work. Yes, during the most mundane moments, life can take you by surprise!


I was flipping through the stations, trying to avoid the ads that drive me utw sometimes, when I came across Luke Bryan’s song: Most People Are Good. As I sat there in the car, bouncing to the simple, yet enthralling melody, I listened to the lyrics of this truly sweet song, I said to myself; “Boy, I can relate to this…”  and “oooo…that is a great line.”


That really doesn’t happen much for me these days. Some of the music produced today has a message I tend to steer clear of, or that really go against the grain of the kind of person I want to emulate. So imagine my surprise when I was like… “This has the potential to be a really impactful song!”


Like most mothers, I spend quite a bit of my day thinking about and praying for my 4 boys. I hope that the lessons we have taught them stay true to the character of the men they are developing into and that they meet the challenges and joys they are experiencing in their lives with a confidence I at times struggle with. So when I heard the phrase: “I believe most people are good,  And most Mama's oughta qualify for sainthood”… I audibly giggled right there in the car, cuz….you mamas know!


As I continued to listen, I was hit a profound thought after hearing:

“I believe that youth is spent well on the young
'Cause wisdom in your teens
Would be a lot less fun.


I have tried to make sure my boys were able to be just that (boys) until they reached adulthood. Being a child that had to g↑2f, it was very important to me that they did not. We played in dirt, climbed trees and explored in the wilderness; every chance we had. So as it is, this phrase really struck home for me. I do hope they had a lot of fun!


There is so much more to Luke’s song. I encourage you to listen to it. Will it help you to devise views that bring what is truly important to the forefront of your thoughts? Will you take a moment to shuffle through the muck of life and see that …Most People Are Good???


I do hope so!






     GB – Goodbye

     ls2bd – left something to be desired.

     wif – what I face

     CC – constant companion



We said GB to 2020 and Welcomed 2021, but the start of the year ls2bd. It is very difficult 4 me to understand the behavior of others, especially in this truly chaotic time. However it reminded me of 1 of my favorite quotes; Mother Teresa said:  “ I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle.  I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.”…that just about sums up the beginning of 2021!


So it is not too hard to see why today’s message rings true in my soul… the simple idea that no matter wif this year, God is already there, brings me such a sense of peace it is hard to describe. It is that constant reminder that we can face whatever comes our way, because we are not alone. Faith is a guiding force if we allow it to be.


I am sharing Toby Mac’s song, Speak Life this week because I believe it helps center this idea that “God is already there” or faith with its CC, Hope. When we choose to speak life, in all its variations, we provide a platform for Hope…and we all know that mountains are moved with hope!


The lyrics to part of the song go like this:


Lift your head a little higher
Spread the love like fire
Hope will fall like rain
When you speak life with the words you say
Raise your thoughts a little higher
Use your words to inspire
Joy will fall like rain when you speak life with the things you say


Joy will fall like rain when you speak life with the things you say…wow…how empowering is that? What do you think would happen if we all choose to speak life in our daily lives? Would hope be invigorated? Would kindness become a mainstay? Would lives’ change?


There is much we could fret over and hide from this year, but I choose Hope and Faith in the understanding that whatever I may face, that God is already there and that my words have the power to bring hope and my actions can change someone’s world for the better. Will you do the same? #2021ChallengeSpeakLife






   H – honest desire to

   E – eagerly support

   L – loved ones

   P – prosper

WdUd? – What do you do?

hta – have to admit

G&T – Gifts and Talents

PS – Problem Solver

sXs – Step by step

ttti – throw the towel in



When life hands you opportunities to H.E.L.P. a friend or family member, WdUd? I hta that there have been times when the bed called me longingly, and I obliged, and other times when I jumped head long into the project. Such an opportunity arose yesterday and boy o’boy did I jump on it.


1 of my cohorts decided that they wanted to create something special for their family, but was as a loss as to how to pull it off. Ding, ding, ding….step in the PS and craft guru! We discussed the vision and steps it would take to make it happen, and the next day supplies were acquired, templates were cut and sXs instructions given.


There was one part of the vision that required creativity and ingenuity to achieve the desired outcome, not to mention; the time and multiple attempts to make it come to fruition on the page. With each failed attempt, it would have been easy to ttti, but the vision we shared would not be attained. Try again I must! In the end the desired outcome was achieved and we both gained something positive in the experience.  The necessary tools to complete the project and the satisfaction that with a little bit of perseverance, a friend could be satisfied that their vision was coming alive.


In an ideal world, we would recognize the G&T of others and support them.  By cultivating this simple change, can you image the impact our communities could experience? Moments will arise when we can do just that. We are given multiple opportunities to help or walk way daily. How we choose to interact and engage others can and does make a difference. What will you choose today?



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