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Anita Maude
Understanding, supporting and loving each other,  is
how we will change the world….

New This Week



dbd – day by day

RS – radio station

ty – Thank you

lol – laugh out loud

tm – today’s message

c&d – can and does

T2 – terrible twos

dp – dirt poor

hl – high life



I have the privilege of working at a RS with an amazing team, a small team, but amazing. To say each day is an adventure, is putting it lightly. Ok, some days are uneventful, but most are quite lively. (ty technology!!lol) So, when I came across tm, I really wanted to share it with U!

There are several directions we can interpret this message and I believe that given one’s stage in life c&d impact that interpretation. There are 3 areas in my life in which this message struck a chord.

  • Raising my boys

  • Work transitions

  • Growth in my marriage

4 those of us that have adult children, the question; “Where has the time gone?”; is not unfamiliar. We survived the T2, teenage angst and fear of poor choices as 21 approached.  (ok, that fear never really dissipates) and yet our children have survived, and if we did our part, are successful members of society. Whoa wait, they really R! In many ways it feels like the blink of an eye and bam…they are grown and doing amazing things. We look in their once chubby faces and the dawn of realization hits as we watch them complete domestic duties, paying bills and filing taxes without our help. Our children are INDEPENDENT. I hesitate to say “Our job here is done”, because no matter how competent they are or how accomplished they have become; there is always the hope that they will want to call on us, if and when they have a need. (…and who am I kidding, we never stop worrying about our children.)

I have been many things in my life. I ran a small daycare while my children were small. Had the awesome privilege of teaching children K-8th grade, wrote grants and managed client needs and have migrated into the Business Manager position here at MonsterMedia. If you would have told me even 6 years ago that I would be responsible for payroll and managing this small business’s needs and love it, I would have probably lol! No kidding. I am not overly found of punching numbers, but I have an aptitude toward it. As I have grown with this position I have learned to truly love where I am, and I have grown into being somewhat good at it. (thx to the amazing team I am part of…I am sure!)

However, the greatest dbd changes I have experienced have happened in my relationship to my husband. We have been dp without 2 pennies to rub together and we have experienced living the hl with all the perks that comes with it. When you look at it, dbd, the changes are so subtle they are easy to miss, but we have chosen to grow together, 2 b each other’s strength and safe place and to accept 1 another just the way God created us to be. Has it been easy? NO. Will it always be the way it is today? NO. We embrace our dynamic lives and we choose to grow together in them.

As you reflect on the dbd changes in your life, do some of them take you completely by surprise? Do you see all the hidden blessings that have been placed upon you? Will you share those same blessings with others, who are right where you once were? I do hope so! That grace is within you!


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DP – Dear Parents

S&P – Students and Parents

CS – cram sessions

wbb – would be best

j&a - joy and acceptance

t&f - tears and frustration

SM – social media

TaM – take a moment


As the 21/22 school year begins its slow descent, S&P alike are in mad-dash mode to make sure everything is in and preparations are in the forefront for upcoming exams. I am sure we all remember those last minute CS and elevated stress levels, as we looked finals in the eye.

As a parent I can recall trying to make sure my boys were ready for their year-end responsibilities, much to their chagrin. So when I came across today’s message, I thought it wbb to share it with you, in hopes that this years “year-end” could be shared with more j&a and less t&f.

This particular message has been circulating SM for a while now and was originally composed by a principal to parents of students attending said school. It was a gentle and kind way of reminding us that children come in a diverse multitude of skills and talents and that they are precious, each and every one of them.

It is easy to get caught up in the rigmarole of expecting the highest achievements from our offspring and pushing them toward that (sometimes unrealistic) goal.  However when we TaM to assess and embrace our children’s strengths and accept the areas that our children are not inherently proficient, the expectation that they perform in the top 10% in each academic standard diminishes, because they could be an artist and they won’t need trigonometry in their future, or perhaps they are a musician and chemistry is not in picture.  Whatever the case, what is important is that they know that you value them for the human being they are and will continue to develop into, that they have your unconditional love, support and understanding.


“….it’s just and exam. They are cut out for much bigger things!”




BT – Be Teachable

Tts – touches the soul

sr – sharp relief

Ima – I must admit

iml – in my life

bh – be heard


There are moments in one’s life when a phrase tts. The message today did just that 4 me when I came across it. If you were to ask my husband, he would confirm that my type A personality comes into sr when I encounter a situation in which I believe the content is incorrect and MUST be addressed. There are times when I can be relentless and dogged in my pursuit to be Right.

Life has taught me that I cannot ALWAYS be right. (as much as it pains me) There are grey areas in which one’s perception plays an integral role in the situation and must be pondered with respect and with kindness. Ima that is not an easy task 4 me and I would guess it is also not 1 4U.

So how does one approach such a situation and be open to seeing things in this way? I believe it is possible by taking the perspective to BT. As I think about the times I have been closed and rigid to another’s perspective on a given situation, invariably the relationship was damaged. And there have been times iml when it could not be repaired. And that loss I carry with me to this day.

Because if this I have chosen to try to change the way I approach situations in which perception and perspective could be varying from my own. I have found when I ask myself; “What am I meant to learn from this situation?”, and I listen to and truly hear what the other person is sharing, the outcome is typically different.

Most people just want to bh. To know that what they are experiencing is important to another person. When we provide a safe place for this to happen, we tend to come out the better 4 it.

I know there will be times when my personality gets the better of me and I will want to prove that I am right, but because of this simple phrase, I will do what I can to BT and open to others the way they need me to be.  I will strive to have a teachable and loving heart.

Will you extend the same gift to someone who needs you to listen today?


Be Teachable.png


S – see

O – other

 J – joyous

O – options

U – unabashedly

R – radiate

N – nous


GM - Grandmother

GfG – Gift from God

n2m – Not to mention

M&S - minds & spirits

d-i-l – daughter-in-law

f&d – father & daughter

D2I – dressed to impress


The past 2 weeks have passed too swiftly and our Germany experience has left an indelible mark. I am a GM! Holy smokes! It is finally sinking in. She is truly a GfG, n2m my son and daughter-in-law are amazing parents.

As we ventured to get everything in place to travel, the anxiety of events in Europe were weighing heavily on our M&S, for sure. Many of our friends expressed their concern and surprise at our continued plans for travel. Travel we did!

We packed our bags, prepared our travel documents and boarded our flight! Off to Germany we flew! The trepidation subsided as soon as we landed, completed the customs process and were warmly greeted by our d-i-l. Well sort of, now we were going to introduced to our granddaughter for the very 1st time. (no matter who you are, nerviness will ensue when meeting a new family member!)

1 of the most special moments for me during our Germany sojourn, was watching my eldest son engaging with his daughter. The bond between a f&d is precious and theirs’ is the strongest I’ve ever witnessed.

As we traversed between different villages in Germany, from Heidelberg to Cologne, Trier to Frankfurt, he impressed me with his willingness and ability to meet the needs of his infant child. I was not privy to this f&d bond in my own relationship with my father, so to be a part of it with my son, is such an honor.

I would be remiss in not stating that my son is not the only one doing amazing things 4 our granddaughter, my d-i-l is also an incredible mom. Tender and loving to her little girl and always making sure she was D2I at every venture.  They are great together and little Alice is so very blessed to have them as her parents.

There is such great joy in knowing that one’s progeny is living their best lives and the morals and values we passed on to them live abundantly. To be an observer to this has been 1 of the greatest honors of my life and I know there will more and more opportunities to witness this as we all continue to grow.


If you every have the chance to travel, please do. There is so much to see in this amazing world and when you are blessed to witness your children with their own, I pray that you too will have the same experience I have known with mine.





CYP ~ Clear Your Path

MUS – Make us stronger

LUW – Leave us wondering

SIYL – Storms in your life

Smh – shaking my head.

WDIL – What did I learn?

B4 - before

We have all experienced storms in our lives. Some MUS and others LUW where do we go from here? I believe that most of us are sitting on the other side of the storm and have learned from or been able to help others who were left befuddled when it passed, literally and metaphorically.

Can you recall the SIYL? 4 me there are some that are still so clear, it feels like they happened just yesterday and then there are others that have caused rifts in family and relationships I am still smh at. They are vague and opaque and completely unclear in my memory.  However the overall experience has taught me that I want think about and seriously ponder these events so that I do not cause them to occur again. I often find myself asking WDIL?

In one case I had a particularly angular supervisor, who it appeared, took great pleasure in demeaning and belittling those who worked under her. She was a tumultuous hurricane and anyone who crossed her path was obliterated. No joke, she was a severe winter storm, cold and unyielding. As I weathered her storm, I choose to observe her. Her actions, her words, her overall demeanor and in that moment I decided I would not treat others the way she was treating my cohorts and myself. I chose to learn from this uncomfortable and oppressive situation and I would bring compassion and understanding to those I worked with and cared for. I decided in that moment that taking the time to stop and listen to what was being said would be a priority and that other’s words and feelings would be a focal point for me. A point of interest I would do my best to nurture and support.

I started to think about how that storm had come to CYP and without it, I may not have the same understanding or compassion for others I have today.  It also revealed that when we clean up or rebuilding what the storm had disrupted, we also had other options open to us. We could rebuild exactly what was there b4, or we could use this opportunity to change the footings and build something even better.

I hope when the storms of your life come and disruption is on the horizon, that you remember to let them CYP…what you choose to construct could surpass even your greatest desire!