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W ur MO


~ W ur MO – What Your Made Of

~ be-4 – before

~ h2s – have to say

~ A2O – All too often


I haven’t thought of boiling water in this way be-4, but I h2s the visual is quite striking. “The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It’s about what you’re made of, not the circumstances “.  What’s the most amazing element in this very poignant phrase you ask? You can CHANGE the “what you are made of”!!! It’s all about perspective!


Many of you have heard me talk about the times I have set my personal achievement expectations so high and lofty that the goal was unrealistic and inevitably I would fail…I’m not alone out there…many have shared the same outcome for the same unrealistic goals. Why am I on the thread of goals? Because A2O, those same set of circumstances lead us down the path of having to set goals to accomplish tackling the situation.


From relationship challenges to financial instability, negative circumstances will always arise; it is how we handle them that determine a positive or negative outcome. Will we allow the boiling water to harden or soften our resolve? Will we get stuck in a focused vision of only seeing the hardships of the situation or will we broaden our vision to include the hidden blessings that typically accompany the challenge?


It truly is all about perspective! Or what you’re made of! Do you have a difficult time changing your perspective or perhaps sticking 2 and completing a simple goal you have set for yourself? There is a solution for that! 1st remember you are NOT alone; many people have the same challenge. 2nd use the resources available to you. Your spouse, best friend, a peer, sibling, parent, co-worker, or mentor is an invaluable resource. They can guide and help keep you on track. Many times their perspectives are very different from your own and shed light where you yourself cannot.

And believe it or not, they typically WANT to help! Let them.

As U continue to work on changing all the things on your list for 2020, remember what u are made of! And remember u are NOT alone! Watch out 2020…here we come!


God Bless you!




~ BCG – Bad Case of the Grumpies

~ HN – Human Nature

~ WDS – While doing so

~ OSIS – Or Should I SAY

~ PTBS – Preface this by saying

~ FV2 – Fallen victim to

~ SS – Slippery Slope


Did 2020 sneak up on you? R you finding the transition from 2019 to 2020 a bit challenging? Are you or some-1 you know struggling from a BCG?  Then today’s message is just 4 U!


How many times have you encountered an individual and left the meeting wondering what you did wrong? What could you have possibly said to make that individual angry or agitated? What other negative thoughts have crossed your mind in during those moments? Have you ever thought; perhaps NOTHING?

It is HN to question everything and WDS interject our own perspective or thoughts about the situation, but that may not necessarily be the right choice. I discovered this very thing while “talking” to OSIS consoling my husband the other day. 

Let me PTBS that my husband is an amazing man! (He cooks dinner every night for the family since I started working later than he does! Just 1 of his many qualities) I know, AMAZING! But even amazing individuals have bad days. Add year end responsibilities and the never ending shift of inventory and he was beyond grumpy! 

In the past I have FV2 that SS of belief that I had caused this disgruntle-ness in my esposo, but age and understanding helped me direct my thoughts in a more appropriate direction and when asked, my husband confessed the challenging day he had just survived and the lingering remnants of that day. I did not cause the challenge, but was willing to take the time to listen to him decompress and share the challenges he was facing and to be that spring board he needed to just vent. I chose not to take his gruff attitude to heart as a rebuff, it wasn’t me he was mad at. And when he was all “Talked” out… I gave him his space and let him know that I was here for him, whatever he needed.

Not that long ago the outcome to this encounter would have looked very different. But I believe that Grace is the balm that helped us to put things into perspective and allowed us to understand that these grumpy moments are fleeting and short lived. That the bond we have with one another is so much stronger and is deserving of that Grace.

So the next time your significant other brings the Grumpy home, try a new perspective and allow Grace to work in you!

God Bless You!



~ mbp – making big plans

~ bca – best course of action

~ A2O- all too often

~ GaP – go as planned


As we head into 2020 most of us are mbp for our New Year resolutions. Starting the year off on the right foot is always the bca, but A2O those plans are either set too high or; good intentions are in place, but the follow through is lacking. Wanna make 2020 Extraordinary? Why not try doing a little EXTRA?


        E – Examine the choices/options before you

        X – X marks the spot

        T – Trial and error

        R – Routine will set in

        A – Appreciate what you have accomplished.


Those who achieve the extraordinary didn’t give up! When they fell, they dusted off the dirt and picked themselves back up. When things didn’t GaP, they adjust – fire (that 1 was 4 u Joe! Lol) and approached the challenge from a new direction. The biggest difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the determination to keep on going and not give up! So as you approach 2020 and your New Year resolutions, I hope you have an EXTRAordinary year! And just in case you need to hear it…. I Believe In YOU!


Happy New Year!



~ KmG – Keeps me grounded



I am filled with Joy and Thanksgiving this Advent season. I have so much 2 be grateful 4! A job I Love, with cohorts that make the day seem too short. Good health and a family that I am so proud to call mine! A faith that KmG and the capacity to LOVE in a way I never thought I could! With all my wishes coming to fruition, this Christmas season I want to share my Christmas wishes for U!

May your Christmas bring you:

 W – Warm homes and hearts

I – Incomprehensible joy

S – Stories and tales for generations

H – Heath today and in the years to come!


Like the lyrics to the song “The Christmas Wish” by John Denver;


For the truth that binds us all together, I would like to say a simple prayer.
That at this special time, you will have true peace of mind
and love to last throughout the coming year.


Blessings to you and Yours this Christmas time!



~ LPB – Leave people Better (than you found them)

~ oty – over the years

~ TIY – Today in Yuma

~ hm - humble messages

~ A2O – All too often


1 principle I have focused on with my children oty, is to leave it better than you found it. No matter where we were or who we barrowed from, we would be proactive in leaving it better than we found it. From cleaning up trash after a football game, or picking up litter instead of walking past it, to planting trees or building structures for the community, I have tried to impress upon my boys the importance of doing and being more for the world around us.


So when I stumbled upon the message today, I couldn’t wait to share it with you. It takes this simple principal, but applies it in a much more meaningful way. Why don’t we:


Always leave people better than you found them.

Hug the Hurt

Kiss the Broken

Befriend the Lost

Love the Lonely


If you were listening to the TIY show yesterday, you would have heard Elliot Palmatier share an amazing idea called #NothingButLoveNotes developed by Natallie Rylie. It’s such a simple idea, but the potential impact is amazing. Natalie and Elliot write #lovenotes to our 1st responders as a way to thank them for the service they provide.  Some were pre-made cards, others were hm jotted down on cardstock or colored paper, but each message was designed to express to our 1st responders the gratitude that is felt for their hard work.


A2O the outstanding work these individuals do goes unrecognized or even worse, the one mistake among 10k amazing accomplishments is what gets the focus and can often leave them feeling deflated and unappreciated. As a means to combat and elevate our 1st responders Natallie and Elliot go out of their way to leave a #lovenote for them. It could be found on their car, handed to them personally while working or secretly deliver to them, but each #lovenote is designed to inspire and uplift, and uplift it does.


So if Natalie and Elliot can do this with our 1st responders, why don’t we step in and follow their lead. We can acknowledge our 1st responders, veterans, active duty members and emergency management officials, but why not step it up a notch and reach out to other groups within our community? Especially our most vulnerable like our elderly, those who are in assisted care or nursing homes. Or perhaps individuals in our shelters or care facilities. A kind word, gentle embrace, thoughtful action could be exactly what they needed at the exact moment you chose to share it! I choose to hug the hurt, kiss the broken, befriend the lost and love the lonely, will you?


God Bless You!

The FUN Theory


~ h2a – have to admit

~ VW – Volkswagen

~ btt – behind the theory

~ HH – heart health

~ YkI – You know it


I h2a that finding today’s topic was quite a struggle 4 me this week. It’s 10k degrees outside with humidity that makes me think that at least in Hades, they have a DRY heat…but I found in my struggle, that part of me that rallies toward the positive did not fail! It is all a state of mind!


In that ah ha moment I came across a Volkswagen video about “The FUN Theory”. In VW’s 1st video they converted a tube (subway) stairwell into a functional piano as a public intervention to get individuals to use the stairs instead of the escalator. The idea btt was to get the general public to do the right thing without making consumers feel guilty about it.


Was their attempt successful? You bet it was! Over 66% of consumers used the stairs instead of the escalator, a win for HH! However it’s called the fun theory for a reason though…the positive impact on those who use the stairs was evident in the video, as they hopped, played and sang their way up the stairs.


Can we apply the “Fun Theory” right here in the Yuma community? YkI!! Whether it’s heading over to the Children’s Museum of Yuma County for the final days of their summer program at the Art Center, or starting a selfie-off (like a dance-off but with selfies) in front of all the Yuma murals, or helping the Littlewood Coop as they prepare for the grand opening of their new facility on Main St…there are many, many Fun things to do in Yuma and when you get out and get moving…you will feel the better 4 it!


Oh…there are  more VW Fun Theory videos…check a few of them out 2! Just click on the links below...

God Bless You! 

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