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Anita Maude
Understanding, supporting and loving each other,  is
how we will change the world….

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~ MGBU – May God Bless You

~ PPT – Power of Positive Thinking

~ tmml – toughest moments of my life

~ F&F – Fear and Frustration



In today’s message I wanted to focus on the PPT and prayer.  With these two amazing techniques, I have been able to get through the tmml! I think we all have experienced those moments in life when it feels like everything is going wrong and you can’t handle 1 more setback and then…it happens! The AC goes out or you get a call from the principal’s office or  the ATM shoots out insufficient fund…The F&F are real!


I found the quote for today a couple of decades ago…yup, I’m that old…and have held it in my mind as a mantra ever since. The words are so very simplistic, yet profound in the same sense. When I find myself going into the deep, dark recesses of my brain, I pull out this mantra and remind myself that: Wisdom, Patience, Faith and Laughter are the balm to any situation I may face and better yet, I can use these tools to pray for those who are experiencing difficulties I have never known.


And I do that today. I do not know you or what your circumstances may be, but I am praying for you today! I pray that you will embrace the greatest wealth, the strongest weapon, the best security and most effective tonic and know; that in this great and abundant world…there is always someone in your corner, praying just for you!


Who is your I.D.O.L.


~ I – Integrity

   D – Determination

   O – Objective

   L – Loving

~ twkop – the wrong kind of people

~ wpr – well paved road

~ hs – hard stretch


There are many people who have lived whose lives are worth emulating, so why is it we are seeing a rush of individuals who are choosing to emulate, shall I say…twkop? Is it because it is easy to travel the wpr? Or that to live a life with integrity, determination, objectivity and in a loving manner, takes 2 much effort? The variables are as vast as the number of individuals on the earth.

So it is probably not a hs for u to understand who I choose 2 emulate. Fashion icon of the 50’s, Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, Tony, Academy Awards and the Hersholt Humanitarian Award are among her many accomplishments, but the way she conducted herself in her everyday life with poise, grace and affection, are the reasons I was drawn to this unique individual. Have you guessed yet?


Born in Brussels, Belgium on May 4, 1929 as Audrey Kathleen Ruston, today we know her as Audrey Hepburn. There has not been a person whom I have conversed with that does not know who she is. She accomplished more in her 64 years of life, than most who have lived longer… and the kicker…she never thought she would be where she ended up!

“My career is a complete mystery to me. It’s been a total surprise since the first day. I never thought I was going to be an actress; I never thought I was going to be in the movies. I never thought it would all happen the way it did.”

To gain all that she did and maintain humility and composure is not any easy task, and yet she did just that. Her crowning achievement you ask? Her role as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, a voice for the voiceless. Like the lyrics of the Casting Crows song, Lifesong she reached out to a world in need, to be their hands and feet, so that the words she said and the things she did, made her lifesong sing and bring a smile…


So as I endeavor to embrace my I.D.O.L and walk a path of integrity, determination, objectivity and love, I hope you 2 will walk with me. In a world full of Kardashian’s, will you be an Audrey?





  • CBTS ~ Calm Before The Storm

  • PPFM ~ Please Pray For Me

  • WTA ~ With The Arrival

  • BFF ~ Best Friend Forever

  • GGIAD ~ Gotta Get It All Done

  • WITWAID ~ What In The World Am I Doing

  • LOL ~ Laugh Out Loud

What are the SIMPLE things in your life?

 It was a quiet weekend. My boys all got along, even with the addition of our eldest amongst us. (A RARE moment in time indeed.) Is this the CBTS….? Well I choose to view it otherwise! PPFM…!

The excitement began Sunday afternoon WTA of a new bride and her BFF and, plans to tackle the laundry list of TO DO’s. The happy couple will be celebrating their nuptials with a simple reception next week.  So ensues the frantic pace of ….GGIAD!! Between reading the cake batter instructions and the “Ooops, I did that wrong” moments, there is one image that sticks out the most. A simple SMILE. Both of these beautiful young women graced me with their smile multiple times throughout our evening of adventure.

 I was struck by the impact that simple act had on me. While I was teaching and leading, thinking to myself…(WITWAID leading this girls astray in the world of baking, lol), there was no judgment or negativity, just honest and welcome approval of the good works being done. Every time I looked upon their striking smiles, something within me would resonate, and pull upon me. I began to think about all the times I would offer a smile to a stranger in passing, whether in the store or coming away from the post office or the multitude of opportunities that occur on any given day and, how a reciprocal smile rarely came.  Why is that? Have we FORGOTTEN the power of a smile?

You want to feel better? Look better? Be better?.....Start with a SMILE, it can and does work wonders!



Build Bridges


  • FCOL ~ For Crying Out Loud

  • IRL ~ In Real Life

  • F2F ~ Face To Face

  • IMHO ~ In My Humble Opinion


How will you cross that bridge?

Have you ever encountered someone who handles everyday challenges with grace and complete composure, and thought to yourself…”FCOL…how do they do it?” I have always admired people like this and wanted to emulate them……and then reality kicks in and I remember….I ‘m just not that NICE!!!. But the truth is, we ALL can be. What does it take?

 Well…IRL it is way TOO easy to sweat the small stuff.  Remember earlier I was talking about value…where do we place it??? When we place value on PEOPLE and not THINGS, perspective suddenly has a different LIGHT. I have found when I ask myself the question: “Am I mad/frustrated/angst at this person or the situation, it is usually the situation. Resolving that challenge just became easier and the bridge to communication no longer CLOSED. The greatest obstacle I now face is creating on opportunity to meet F2F with that person and share how the situation is adversely affecting our relationship. IMHO…it is SO worth it, so I do…. Will U???



Build Bridges.png

Not your typical ETC


ETC – embrace the change

2ds – couple of days

G8OD – great outdoors

CS – culture shock

hta – have to admit



With the weather giving us a special treat the past 2ds, I have spent quite a bit of time in the G8OD, my pups have loved it.  As I strolled through the neighborhood, it got me thinking about time spent with the boys playing in the backyard and goofing off, when I realized how different customs and the culture are from the Midwest to the Desert Southwest. Have U ever experienced CS?

1 of the differences 4 me when comparing Indy to Yuma, is where we tend to hangout when gathering. I was so blessed to have an amazingly large backyard and many, many of our gatherings were held in that space, but when I look at families in Yuma, so many hang out in their front yards! Social gatherings, I believe, become a neighborhood event. ;-) Which really is a good thing, but to this Midwestern girl at 1st it seemed very odd. With that being said; I have seen some amazing front yard designs to accommodate that practice and I hta, I’m a bit jelly.

I have found that life kinda throws those changes in to keep things fresh and provides opportunities to ETC. By opening the fence and walking through it, I have cultivated relationships with my neighbors, that otherwise would never have occurred. I have learned interesting and fun facts about the area I live in, as well as what and who need to be watched out 4. It’s no longer just a neighborhood, but rather a community. And I Love that!

ETC also reminds me of my favorite movie as a teenager. If you haven’t seen My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison, please set some time aside and watch. If you enjoy seeing people overcome extreme CS and preconceived notions, this is a movie 4U!

I won’t give away any spoilers, but let’s just say that Professor Higgins gets a lesson he wasn’t bargaining on and Miss Eliza Doolittle, did much! The greatest lesson learned was that even extreme cultural differences can ETC when they are ready and willing to do so. Are you READY to ETC???