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Anita Maude
Understanding, supporting and loving each other,  is
how we will change the world….

New This Week

It’s NEVER 2 L8



~ 2 L8 – Too Late

~ltw/lyw – licking their/your wounds

~Ykwur – You know who you are

~4front – forefront

~smh/syh – shaking my/your head

~TG – Thank God

~LioN – like it or not

~JcHi – Just can’t help it


For many of our youth, the next few weeks will be the beginning of new adventures in their lives.  Some will be heading off to college, others may be in the last year of H.S., and others still will be looking behind them, potentially ltw. & what about us oldies??? Ykwur

Life is constantly evolving. I ♥ talking to and watching the newly graduated. Their hopes and aspirations are at the 4front, driving every decision and choice.  The sky is the limit and nothing can stop them! But what happens when lofty goals become setbacks and disappointments. What then??

When I was a wee lass of 12, I remember thinking that I was going 2B the next Whitney Houston!! I could sing with the best of them…until…my father took me to a recording studio and I actually heard what I sounded like. Smh. Big Dreams…Dashed!

I was devastated…what was I going to do now? I wasn’t completely terrible, I could hold a tune, I just wasn’t going to be a star. (TG)

Lofty dreams and goals often meet this end, but does it have to be the end? No…it doesn’t! I believe that in most cases, discerning what root of the dream or goal is, will bring you the key to making it a reality.  4 me, I just love to sing and I am great as a backup singer or part of a group. So I did and do get to live my dream. Being a part of the Indianapolis Catholic Choir, singing Handel’s Messiah @ St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, did happen! And whether they LioN, my family is regularly serenaded when I clean. JcHi…. ¯\_(“-)_/¯  


Whether you are lyw or syh and find that disappointment is your friend. Remember it is good to “Dream Big”, find the root of your dream, set simple and attainable goals and….GO 4 IT!


Sidebar…I believe in you…Hannah (Banana)!

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~ SOS – Slower, Older, Smarter

~ YMK – You may know

~ MIL – Mother-in-Law

~ pOt – period of time

~ FB - Facebook


When I read today’s message, I knew I had to share it! YMK, because I have talked about it so often, that I share a house with my Mom and MIL(…oh, and my husband too!)  And as we continue to adjust, there are moments that are…shall I say, interesting! So the message below made me giggle uncontrollably for a longer pOt than it otherwise would have.


An Airbus 380 is on its way across the Atlantic. It flies consistently at 800 km/h at 30,000 feet, when suddenly a Eurofighter with a Tempo Mach 2 appears.

The pilot of the fighter jet slows down, flies alongside the Airbus and greets the pilot of the passenger plane by radio: "Airbus, boring flight isn’t it? Now have a look here!" He rolls his jet on its back, accelerates, breaks through the sound barrier, rises rapidly to a dizzying height, and then swoops down almost to sea level in a breathtaking dive. He loops back next to the Airbus and asks: "Well, how was that?"

The Airbus pilot answers: "Very impressive, but watch this!"

The jet pilot watches the Airbus, but nothing happens. It continues to fly straight, at the same speed. After 15 minutes, the Airbus pilot radios, "Well, how was that? Confused, the jet pilot asks, "What did you do?"

The AirBus pilot laughs and says: "I got up, stretched my legs, walked to the back of the aircraft to use the washroom, then got a cup of coffee and a chocolate fudge pastry."

The moral of the story is: When you’re young, speed and adrenaline seems to be great. But as you get older and wiser, you learn that comfort and peace are more important. This is called S.O.S.: Slower, Older and Smarter. Dedicated to all my senior friends ~ it’s time to slow down and enjoy the rest of the trip.


I thank Fannin County News for sharing this post on FB earlier this month and for the joy it brought. I do hope all our seniors are embracing the SOS motto and living life to the fullest.





Live in the Moment


~TL – Too Lofty

~SE – Set Expectation

~WWW - World’s Worst Waiter/Waitress

~DAE – Does Anyone Else?

~BMU – Beat Myself Up

~UOTT – Use of This Time

~SS – Slippery Slope

~DM – Defined Me



How many times have you set a goal, only to realize that it was TL? Or had a SE, only to be let down by yourself or someone else? How about that amazing encounter with the WWW?  All of these experiences present unique opportunities. Most of us…(yes, myself included) will expend precious energy focusing on the derogatory elements of each of these encounters.  Why do we do that?

You’ve read in my previous posts how challenging it can be for me to get out of my own head. DAE have this problem?? It is easy for me to take these moments and BMU… seeing all the things I did wrong or failed to accomplish, but Y? There is MUCH better UOTT!  So…when I find myself heading down this SS, I remember the phrase by Paulo Coelho:


“Disappointment, Defeat and Despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.”


I have not have a life with a path that is clear and free of obstacles. My journey has been fraught with, what for many would have been insurmountable challenges, but I choose to embrace the boulders/mountains/ rivers that have guided me to be innovative in my approach to life. They have DM and helped me to find my compassion, empathy,  joy… and my love for the unique in each human character. Mistakes are only mistakes if you don’t learn from them. Disappointment can be changed into opportunities for open communication. We can use Defeat to push us to then next level to achievement and Despair can be turned to joy, when we step out of ourselves and learn to focus on others.


The next time you hear the lyrics to Simon and Garfunkel’s song: American Tune…and you come to the stanza:

          I don’t know a dream that’s not been shattered or driven to     its knees …

Remember….It’s alright…it’s alright.  It’s these moments, (when we choose) that make us stronger.



Live in the Moment.png



~ K.R.A.M.S. -   ·Keep your word

                             ·Respect my time

                             ·Always be honest

                             ·Match my effort

                             ·Stay consistent

~H2B – Have To Be?

~txt – Texts

~br8k↓ - break down

~lol – Laugh Out Loud


Now that our “Feel Good” holidays are behind us, we enter into a period of time I often refer to as the desert. (I know… it’s like we live in one! ;) But seriously, we have this long stretch of time where we are not prompted or directed to focus on our relationships.  At Thanksgiving we think about what we are thankful for, Christmas is all about family and friends, Valentine’s Day we focus on our sweethearts and now we enter into Lent….often called the desert…but does it H2B?


I try to make sure it isn’t. My hubby and I make extra effort almost each day (yes…life does interfere at times) to write love letters to each other...well if I am truly honest, they are love txt. He is my life companion and my soul partner, to show him just how important that is to me, I apply K.R.A.M.S...ok... you caught me…I apply this to all I encounter, it’s just easier with Tim.


When you look at the br8k↓ of the acronym K.R.A.M.S…it presents itself in the 1st person, I change that to the 3rd person and apply the principals. (…I know, I know…it’s like elementary school all over In dealing with any relationships where: you keep your word, respect time, are honest, put forth the same, if not more effort and are consistent…what happens? YUP, you got it…they thrive.  Isn’t that what we all want?


After 27 years of marriage, Tim and I have had many challenging periods and when I reflect back on them, either he or I was not applying K.R.A.M.S. and it hurt our relationship. As a result we work on it now, regularly and we are the better for it.


Will you K.R.A.M.S today?




~ DI♥ - done in Love

~ tsw – the same way

~ pd – poor driving

~ rd – reasonable doubt

~ GS – Grocery Store

~ F&F – Family and Friends

~ AMBW2U – All my best wishes to you


4 many St. Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark” holiday commercialized and focused on profit, not benefit.  However it did not start out that way and it does not have 2 be! I find it hard to believe that St. Valentine existed, living in the 3rd century. He was steadfast in faith, living to help lovers marry, when others refused.

There is much we can learn from this martyr. He lived a life expressing that everything be DI♥. He used his gift of faith to bring ♥ into a world challenged by religious strife. R we using our gifts tsw? In the video; “I Like Being 98” Evelyn, who is 97, had her driver’s license revoked because she was…elderly. She had NO history of pd, or accidents, but because she had aged, there was rd in her abilities and there4 her license was taken away.

 Now, Evelyn had promised her friend that she would help get her 2 the GS every week. No license No store. Evelyn had a choice (as we all do) does she accept the verdict be4 her, or does she fight 4 the rights she still has? (watch the video to find out)

When I think of DI♥, I think about how I treat the people around me. It is very easy to show my F&F ♥…I don’t have to think 2 hard on this, but what about my reclusive neighbor, or the women who lost her husband last year? Are my actions showing them that I believe everything should be DI♥? I challenge you to think:

The world is full of hurting people.

People you and I can touch with a kind word,

a warm smile,

a hot meal or a gentle touch.


This Valentine’s Day will you seek out just one of these individuals? Will you show them that you believe that everything should be DI♥?


Happy Valentine’s Day


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